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price on module - PM014 - 11-22-2016

Hotelier wants to change format of price on module of booking. Now is 9500.00 р. He needs: 9 (space) 500 (without kopecks) (standart symbol of rubles) 9 500 P. 
Hotelier wants to look price for room per night on first level. If price of room is different every day. Now price shows average value It is not comfortable, because average price may be higher. Guests may be refuse to reserve on first level.
Hotelier wants to look widget of comments more diaphanous (coloure). This request are very important for hotelier.
The screenshot in the attachment.

RE: price on module - CSS184 - 12-12-2016

I would say that is better to get on first step total of 1 room with possibility to add other rooms if need, as on b.com and/+ average