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Reservation modification (online reception)
When guest decided to change his reservation which, was made trough online reception, he should delete old one and create new.
Is it possible to make modifications without cancelling reservation, but change some items in reservation without cancelling wrong one?
It is necessary to cancel the booking and create a new one.
Здравствуйте. Что означает это сообщение??

Dear Customer,

the connectivity to the channel Booking.com has been interrupted,
because a systematic error forbids the correctness of
the channel manager operation.

This is the error:

Property: Hostel60.ru
access denied while trying to change hotel '2876114' ( room id : '287611401'); access denied while trying to change hotel '2876114' ( room id : '287611402'); access denied while trying to change hotel '2876114' ( room id : '287611403'); access denied while trying to change hotel '2876114' ( room id : '287611404')

To solve the problem we suggest you to follow this hint:
Your property is not enabled for XML connection. Contact your Booking.com account manager to restore the XML connection.

The list of suspended channels is at the section
WooDoo/Supended channels:


Here, you can check the error which generated the
suspension and, once fixed, you will be able to
relaunch the channel.

Feel free to contact us for each need.

Thank you for your collaboration

WooDoo, http://wubook.net/
Hello, there is no synchronisation with airbnb 3rd time for the last 3 weeks. Its very unpleasant situation for us, since 60% of reservation is coming from airbnb and we have more than 80 apartments, we coudn't import all reservations manually. Could you, please, tell us, if its major issue and how fast it could be fixed. Thank you

У нас в отеле появились новые категории номеров, которые мы добавили в эстранет Booking.com.Как я могу добавить эти новые категории номеров, чтобы они отображались на сайте Booking.com и их можно было забронировать со стороны гостей?

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